Kaldheim Complete Set C/U/R/M (1x, 4x)

Order now for a complete common/uncommon/rare/mythic set of single cards from Kaldheim! This will be all regular cards that you could pull from a draft or set booster box at common, uncommon, rare, AND mythic rarity numbered from 1 to 285. BONUS: Buy a playset of these cards and we will replace 1x of the sets with the showcase version at all rarities. Not all of the cards will have the showcase treatment. You can put in the notes to NOT make this switch if desired. We will also include 1x of each of the tokens if you purchase a playset. Local pickup only at this time. Available for pick-up starting Friday, February 5th, 2021. Total number of cards subject to change and will be determined once the full list of spoilers is available.

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1x Set, 4x Sets (Playset)


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