3D Printing

One of the services we provide at Paper or Plastic is 3D Printing using Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM) and Resin technologies. We maintain over 40 different commercial licenses to bring a massive suite of items to life for to use in your gaming adventures. Our offerings include dice towers, miniatures, scatter terrain, buildings, animals, scenery from high fantasy, apocalypse, science fiction, and more. While we work hard to start making more information available about these products, I highly recommend you use the Contact Us link to find out more information about what we could possibly print for you! We also sell printer time, so if you own the license to an item you would like printed for your personal use, we can rent out our printer time and expertise to make your object come to life.

Examples of our Offerings:
The Dice Towers, Vaults, Jails, and Ornaments from Fates End
Baby Beasts, Townsfolk, and Scatter Terrain from Mia Kay
The Dwarves and The Tortles from Epics N Stuffs
Dice Heads and Chibi Fantasty Characters from Dice Heads
Hold My Dwarf from Miniatures of Madness
Zombie Apocalypse 3D Miniatures from 3D IPStudios
Atomic Shelter and Welcome to Atom CIty from M3 Studios
Pirates of Atlantis from GnarlyTree
Star Scrappers: Battledrill from Hexy Studio
Wildlife and Wild… Undead from Noblewolf
Flight of the Dragons from Generic Miniatures
Tale of Two Cities from Iain Lovecraft
The Game of Destiny Dice Towers from Txarli Factory
The Dice Towers and Boxes from Mythic Roll
Fantasy Dice Towers from Crate3d
…not only is this list far from complete, it continues to grow…