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Win a Discount from Paper or Plastic!

Weight Loss Challenge
Win a discount from Paper or Plastic! Starts January 1st.

Looking for some incentive to get going on losing some weight heading into the New Year? Well then we have the program for you! The owner, Scott, is offering up a discount to anyone that can lose more body percentage weight than he does during the contest period! If you are successful in losing more weight than Scott, the percentage that you beat him by will be your discount for SIX months on anything you buy in the store! Talk about incentive both for you and for Scott to lose some weight! There will be a cap of 15% off, however, if you manage to beat Scott by more than 15%, you will be eligible in the month of April to make a one time purchase discounted at the amount you won by!

It’s free to enter! Scott will officially weigh in at the store on January 1st, 2021, and the contest will run through March 31st, 2021. You must weigh in at the store to get started and to report your final weight. You can start at any time starting January 1st. You must weigh in at some point again later – all the way up until the close of business March 31st, in order to be eligible for any prizes. As an added incentive, you can weigh in every week with us for extra bonus goodies – and to show up on the leaderboard to encourage others to keep losing weight as well! Scott will be posting weekly updates as well. No actual weights will be shown, just percentages, and there will be an official representative from the store that assists with the weigh-ins to track the amounts of weight lost!

EVEN if you don’t lose more weight than Scott, if you weigh in near the end of the contest timeframe, you will still be eligible for a one time discount equal to the percentage of weight you lost during the month of April!

Don’t need to lose weight and still want to get in? We’re so happy that you’re in great shape! We could use coaches, encouraging words, or something else – be creative! – to help those that are trying to lose weight in 2021. Anyone that participates in this manner will receive some special goodies and a one time discount in April as well. Please contact the store for more details!

Weigh in and start dropping some pounds! Win that discount from Paper or Plastic!