X-Wing Organized Play


September 5


06:00 pm - 10:00 pm

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Paper or Plastic Sports and Games

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Paper or Plastic Sports and Games

850 Brookforest Ave Unit F

Shorewood, IL, US

Come out to Paper or Plastic Sports and Games and play X-Wing!

We are playing the ESCALATION Format. Bring a set build to play at 60 points, then expand that same build out to 90 points, and finally in round 3 the build grows to 120 points.

Format: 3 rounds of swiss style play. The rounds go up in length as the build size grows. Round 1 is 45 minutes, round 2 is 60 minutes, and round 3 is 75 minutes from the time match-ups are set to finish.

Cost: $6 per player.

Maximum space for 8 players, and we might need someone to help bring in asteroids to set up the play area (we have 4 play mats to use). If you have a play mat that we can use to allow for more than 8 players, just let us know!

Rewards: We will either give away store OP kit prizes or store credit for playing in this event!

Please check-in between 6:00 and 6:30pm. The pairings will be set and the first round will start by 6:30pm.