D&D 5th Edition: Jungle Delving Into the Lands of Chult


April 10


05:00 pm - 09:00 pm

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Adventurers one, adventurers all! Journey to the unexplored land of Chult where you may find treasure, excitement, glory, treasure, secrets, allies, enemies, and most of all treasure!

However, explorers beware! The inhabitants of the Chultan jungle, be they hidden civilizations or titanic reptilian monsters, are not too keen on visitors. Furthermore, you are far from the only party looking to seize the spoils of Chult for itself. Numerous bands of bloodthirsty pirates, holy conquistadors, and other powerful or insane individuals all come to this land to lay their claim and will capture or kill anyone who stands in their way. Are you brave enough, skilled enough, and clever enough to brave all of these incredible obstacles and odds and come out on top? Only one way to find out…


This adventure will start at 1st level, taking place in the Forgotten Realms setting on the largely uninhabited peninsula known as Chult. It will have some elements of the official module Tomb of Annihilation, as well as inspiration from the plane of Ixalan from MtG, and of course several original and unique touches. Expect to see lots of dinosaurs, pirates, hostile natives, and of course oodles of treasure and gold.

Any needed supplies can be lent if needed, but ideally you should bring a D&D 5th Edition Player’s Handbook (and any other official 5th edition books you want to use for creating your character), a blank character sheet, a set of dice, a writing utensil, and some way to take notes. The first session will most likely include very little actual play and mostly be about creating characters, getting to know the other players, and setting expectations for the game. Walking in with a relatively fleshed-out character concept is fine and even encouraged, but the character sheet itself and all stats will be determined during the session. The session’s end time is flexible, as well as starting times going forward.

All of the logistics out of the way, hope to see you on Wednesday to explore the land of Chult! Any and all questions can be answered by messaging me directly, or emailing me at barnum83@hotmail.com

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