LCG Night!

Mondays are Living Card Game Nights!

What is a living card game (LCG)? A LCG is a game where you don’t have to purchase multiple packs of expansions to get all of the new cards. You buy single expansion packs that include a full playset of each card. There are multiple games that use this type of format! These Games include Netrunner, Legend of the Five Rings, Star Wars, Game of Thrones, Arkham Horror, Doomtown: Reloaded, Lord of the Rings, and more!

Format: Bring out your favorite LCG games that you want to play. Hopefully if you are into multiple games you can bring out your favorite decks from each of those products. Depending on who comes out you can decide which games you would like to play! We WILL offer Organized Play Support for the games that are most popular. For example, we already have OP kits for Netrunner!

Cost: $5 per player (cash or credit) in return for $5 in store credit. If we have OP kits available, it is $5 per player. 

We hope you come out and enjoy meeting other fans of your favorite LCG’s!

Magic MTG Commander

Come out to Paper or Plastic Sports and Games and bring your favorite commander deck with you. We will follow the rules and guidelines set up on

Any house rules will be established at the beginning of the event with consensus of the players that participate. We want to have everyone come out and have a fun, exciting day!

Cost: $6 per player

Time: Please arrive by 6:45 in order to check in. We will draw matchups starting at 7 pm.

Prizes: Store credit will be given out in a TBD manner to players.

MTG Prerelease War of the Spark 2HG 2:00 PM Sun

Come and play a sealed Magic event at Paper or Plastic! Players receive two pre-release pack containing 12 packs of War of the Spark for the team and bonus date-stamped foil promo cards! Each team builds two 40-card decks, and battle your opponents! Prizes based on attendance, but minimum 4 packs per team added to prize pool.

Reserve your spot by signing up online:

Pokemon Organized Play

Let’s play some Pokemon! The Pokemon game is a quick and easy game to learn for anyone ages 6 and up. We are looking to provide a friendly place to have people of all ages come and play Pokemon. Children 13 and younger MUST be accompanied by an adult for these events. Adults can assist their children while playing, and it is greatly appreciated for you to work with them to keep the game flow moving as well as promote and teach good sportsmanship.

Cost: $5 per player.

Each player will receive 1 pack for participating. The remaining money will go towards other fun prizes such as someone who brought a friend, someone who had a really cool deck, or someone that played really well in a match.

The format will not be as structured as other events such as Magic. We’re fully aware that it may be difficult for some participants to make it through 3 full matches in a more official “tournament” setting. We plan on playing this in a league fashion. You can play as many games as you want against your opponents, and you can even come back during the week to match against other league players. The only requirement is that the match must be played in the store. We’ll provide a way to log your plays. We just want everyone to come on out and have fun!

Open Board Gaming!

Open gaming day! Feel free to bring some of your favorite games, or try out one of the games on out demo wall. We just want people to come out and have some fun!

There is no charge for this event. We will have snacks and drinks available for purchase if interested!

Star Wars Destiny Organized Play

• What we’ll do
Star Wars: Destiny Organized Play!
Every Friday night at 7pm
$5 per player

We will pair everyone in swiss-style, but to foster a friendly gaming atmosphere, OP prizes will be awarded out based on attendance. We have a good amount of alt art promo cards to give away!

• What to bring
A pre-built 30 point Star Wars Destiny deck!

• Important to know