Strixhaven Complete Premium Set C/U/R/M + Mystical Archive (1x, 4x)

Order now for a complete common/uncommon/rare/mythic and Mystical Archive set of single cards from Strixhaven! This will be all regular cards that you could pull from a draft or set booster box at common, uncommon, rare, AND mythic rarity numbered from 1 to 275 as well as all of the Mystical Archive cards number 1 to 63. We will also include 1x of each of the tokens if you purchase a single set and 4x of each token if you purchase a playset. Basic lands only included upon request and depends upon availability. Available for pick-up starting Friday, April 23rd, 2021. Flat rate shipping is available. Total number of cards subject to change and will be determined once the full list of spoilers is available. We currently anticipate you would receive 338 cards (plus tokens) for one set and 1,352 cards (plus tokens) for a full play set. You will receive the PREMIUM version of each mythic card with this purchase. This means that you will receive the premium borderless versions of the Planeswalkers and elder dragons for all of the cards!

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1x Set, 4x Sets (Playset)


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