Dragon Parks


Develop the world’s most popular dragon preserve! Choose which dragons you want to acquire to delight your visitors, and make sure you keep enough food on hand so things don’t go horribly wrong!

Open to the public for three seasons out of the year, who will have the best park when you close for winter?


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Dragons are back into our world, and they are in vogue! As the proud owner of group of islands where dragons nest, you’ll have to manage both the tourists’ expectations and the dragons’ appetite…

Dragon Parks is a drafting game which makes use of transparent cards. Select a new card each turn to put on one of your three islands, adding or covering dragons in this park as you do. Some dragons hate to be covered by others and will snap back at you, and if you manage to hatch an egg by covering it, it will attract new visitors!

After 3 turns, the season ends. You will then score visitors depending of the number of different dragons visible on each island, with a bonus for the dragon type in vogue this season, and extra visitors if you attract the Legendary Dragon to your parks… But beware, if you have fewer sheep available than you have dragons, you will lose visitors equal to the difference!

The game ends after 3 seasons, and the player with the most visitors at the end wins!

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