Dragon Ball Super Set 14 Pre-Release

Set 14 -Cross Spirits- is almost here! Come on out and join us in a pre-release event for this new set.

When:  Saturday August 7th @ 2pm and 7pm and Wednesday, Augst 11th at 7pm.

Entry Fee: $25

Everyone that participates will receive a Goku primo card, a Shenron Unison card, pre-release stamp card and  6 packs of Set 14. The winner of each event will receive a Full Art Goku card and a full art Shenron Unison card.

Players will have 40 minutes to open their packs and build a deck consisting of 1 leader card and 40 non leader cards. Swiss best of 1. Number of rounds capped at 3 rounds.  Full tournament rules and regulations can be found here.

This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.

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August 7th, 2pm, August 7th, 7pm, August 11th, 7pm


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